It's beginning to look a lot like winter, brrr

Today was the first really cold day of the season, the first day I hated being outside in the cold, the first day I wore a thermal top, the first day I slunk around the house thinking brrr it's cold and dark in here. So I put the heater on and stared out the sunroom window at the washing blowing in the wind. Instead of getting down to my sewing. Because it was too cold. I know I'm being a wuss, Melbourne really isn't that cold, it's just that our house is not exactly sun filled and doesn't have central heating. It's a really good spring and autumn house.

This house on the other hand looks cosy. The dog looks happy inside and there's obviously a little wooden stove going. And you can go skiing. I'd love to go cross country skiing again if ever I was fit or organised enough. And he has his washing hanging out under the house, in the cold, he obviously knows about sublimination. Or maybe he's a she, which would explain everything.
Illustration from Margaret Wise Brown's The Friendly Book, pictures by Garth Williams. Golden Press 1954.

I've been waiting for the cold weather to start before I used this picture. Most washing line illustrations feature sunny days, as if to say that's the only time washing gets done and hung out. Which we all know to be untrue. At least in these parts. We haven't started the inside drying shuffle in earnest yet but I can feel in my bones it won't be long. Sigh. The other day the nappies got soaked in the rain and sat out overnight, shining eerily in the nearly full moonlight against a sky that was almost orange with a mixture of cloud and city lights. I would have taken a picture, but it was too friggin cold. And wet. Which is definitely a good thing. Sighs again. Rain and cold in winter. Yep. Definitely a good thing.

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  1. Hmm, I took a photo of my washing this morning and put it on my blog tonight. When I brought it in at about 5pm today it was not dry - to cold outside. Had to even put some in the dryer, which nearly killed me, and now there's lots hanging in the lounge room to dry overnight. And so the complicated winter washing cycle begins.