windy winter washing

The last few days have been great drying weather. Dry, sunny, windy and not at all wet. Not even that cold. It's hard to believe that winter starts next week. People are still getting around in t-shirst annd skimpy tops. Sure, it's a bit nippy in the morning and at the end of the day, but we've barely even used our heater yet. So I find myself halfway between worry about whether winter will actually arrive and guiltily enjoying that it hasn't. I'm still trying to get the washing out first thing, which although it provides some lovely photo opportunities isn't really necessary yet.

The other morning I was playing around with my camera. I've finally gotten around to having a go with some of the manual settings, such as increasing the digital version of iso (film speed). It's great for capturing movement, but not so great in low light it seems. I quite like these. I don't think we'll be using many cloth nappies from now on. Grace is often insisting on the disposables and really, I'm not so committed to the cloth that I'm prepared to argue it. And our supply of the outer covers is dwindling fast and I'm avoiding getting more because it means a trip to Highpoint. Indeed I'd be happy to never scrape or fold another nappy ever again. That said, I'm glad we used cloth nappies. If we had another babe, I think I'd go for a modern fitted version of the cloth. Or at least a better version of the outer cover. 


  1. Let me know it you do come to Knifepoint.
    You'll be in the hood.
    I could meet you for coffee. Maybe.

  2. Your washing looks so fresh I wish I could bury my nose in it and sniff. Its been really damp here in Perth. I have been playing hide and seek with my washing (and - boy - there is always so much of it). In, out, in, out to the washing line I go trying to beat the rain. I have my airing wrack out and I am trying to train my family to hang things on it . Best thing we ever did was put the drier in the garage cause we are all too lazy to trek out there and put it in - especially in the dark! Anyway, we need to economise and limiting drier use is a really good step in the right direction. Drivel on I go. Love the pictures!!!!