in the country

Of ccourse, when I go away for the weekend, I immediately check out the laundry features. Of course. Not. But I always do notice them. Forgive me if I'm being sarcastic, I've had a couple of vodka cruisers (yum, melon and raspberry) and it's been a long, long week. All the more ardous after a glorious half weekend away. At the end of a very intense few weeks. Our routines are shot, Mr Helpalot has started a new job, the house is absolutely feral and I just could not be bothered ironing my work clothes last week. So I looked even more rumpled than usual.

But I wouldn't have missed the weekend for quids and isn't this a beauty to behold.


I very much like the path and the stump to put the washing basket on. The view in the morning would be full of soft light and mist in the winter. And you'd see a sunset when you were bring the washing in. Or at least, I would because I'm slack and tend to leave as long as I can. To delay cluttering up the house and needing to be folded. My only worry with this washing line would be snakes, there's lots of long grass nearby and it looks like snake territory to me.


  1. I love this picture, it evokes so much about chilhood, breezes, country quiet and the moments that really do make uo our lives - then again some of my friends would see it as a symbol of repression, boredom and poverty, i'm glad I am me and not them,
    thanks for the moment

  2. I love the brick path to the line...evokes thoughts of dewy mornings and trying to avoid getting your slippers wet.