first day of summer

Yesterday was gorgeous, warm but not too hot. A flower scented balmy breeze wafting through the garden. G did a load of washing and I watched it dry as I sat in the sunroom with my sewing. The washing stayed out all night but that's alright, it's summer now. Now, he's bought it all in because he's mowing the law, before the plums start to fall. Maybe I should go help with the folding, ahem.


No doubt, it will get hotter and drier. The balmy nights will give way to those awful, too hot nights. The sort where you don't sleep well and the next day is hard because it's still too hot and everyone is grumpy and tired, and complaining about the heat. Yet it's kind of relaxed because it's too hot to actually do anything but drink beer and other long cold drinks and eat icypoles. Early summer though, just lovely.

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  1. We're having fairly hot days at the moment, too, with cool nights. Wonderful drying days here too. But I'm not looking forward to the hot days AND nights. We don't have super-duper airconditioning so do the best we can. Cool showers before bed and make the most of the breeze...