ironing al fresco at midnight

Ya, haa, ha, ha. How far away from the truth is this? Mothers (and some fathers too, I guess) everywhere have been working away preparing for the Chrsitmas frenzy of feasting and exchange. I've seen women in the supermarket today with big round, I'm so tired but I just can't stop until it's all done eyes. I never realised how much work Christmas with children could be until this one. It should be more fun. It will be more fun.

And talking about presents, who in the right mind would give someone an ironing board for Christmas? Unless they really, really wanted one? The Christmas my dad gave my mum an axe as a present is legendary in out family. Don't do it fellas.


This picture is from a 2002 Home Beautiful, from a little section the back (hence the less than clear picture) where they poke fun at the appliances and household trends from the past. In the future it'll be breadmakers?

I feel as though I'm well behind here. Several pictures ready and waiting to have words put around them, including two from others which are my favourite sort. Hopefull there'll be some time for idle writing in the post christmas lull. Or I may just watch dvds on the couch. I certainly won't be ironing (unless sewing realated) that's for sure.


So anyway, I'm nearly all done. Because otherwise why would I be doing a blog post? Tonight after Grace unwraps presents from her Tasmanian side of the family (presents on Christmas eve is a German tradition so I'm told and spreading it all out works for me), eats some chocolate and goes to bed (hopefully), we're going to wrap her presents, put them under the tree and drink a bottle of lambrusco. All of it. And then tommorrow will come as it will.

So Merry Christmas readers!


  1. Happy Christmas. Dont do too much ironing for sure! It always amused me when the men I worked with would be dashing out on Christmas Eve to buy a microwave for thier wives...

  2. I'm concerned by the pictured woman's level of glee over the ironing board. My iron is for craft related purposes only (well, nearly... I do try to wear ironed clothes to work!).
    I like the sound of your plan: wrapping presents and lambrusco!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi I know this post's old but I had to comment. My SIL gave us an ironing board for a wedding present...needless to say the marriage didn't last...

  4. I have a 'RelaxSit' too! Cue gleeful smile! I love my retro ironing 'station' - permanently up next to the ironing basket to entice me to iron - never works though - much rather iron patchwork pieces!