oh the shame of it all

So, here's a picture of two Collingwood players hanging on the line. Alan Didak is hanging his head in shame and Heath Shaw looks as though he is about to be garotted by his jumper. There's a lone magpie sitting on the fence (a spirit guide maybe) and fast Eddie has crashed his car in the fence. Or is that Heath Shaw's car? I don't know, and to be honest the finer points of the saga are lost on me, but it 's all really tragic. Especially if you're a Collingwood supporter which I definitely am not. It seems that not only is Shaw in big trouble for the incident; drinking, driving etc but that he let his team down by lying about it later. Hence, being hung out to dry. On the humble Hills Hoist.

OhtheshameThe Age 10/08/08

It's almost symbolic of being in the stocks and having rotten fruit thrown at you. Or of being sent home to mum who will sort you out. Anyway. I quite like the way the hills host is leaning the one side, the handle is pointing downward in a very non-phallic way and the clothes pegs are red and yellow. Which may or may not have significance.

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