rotating the washing inside is starting to give me the willies

Jillsintrouble_resize_resize Of course, I'm pleased that it's raining. After such a long drought, who wouldn't be? The rain sort of makes the cold bearable. I'm just sick of the endless heater shuffle, which I wrote about at length last year (and thank you to h&b for reminding me). There's nothing new to say, except that I seem to have less time and greater need for clean clothes. Which may even be deluded thinking, because I'm actually working fewer hours (well at work anyway) than this time last year. And G has much more of the housework under his control, it gets done and he seems to stress less about it than I do, which has to be a good thing.


illustration by Frank Adams (1871-1944) in Jack and Jill, republished as a series of six board books of diffrent gruesome childrens stories by Robert Frederick Publishers 1999 which G found by the side of the road as a complete set, in the original box. Gotta love hard rubbish.

Today I did two loads of washing and got them out in the wind mid morning. It was one of those mornings where every attempt to get things done was thwarted by fighting over a nappy change or wilful defiance of some sort. Grace ended up in her room, on her chair by the end of it. We did manage to get to playgroup and in the middle of it, it started to piss down. I was so annoyed. All that pointless energy hanging up the washing only to have to bring it in wet and shuffle it in front of the heater anyway. Should have just hung it inside to begin with.

And I need to start wearing less clothes, I mean the same clothes, but for longer. As in a washing minimisation scheme.


  1. Here I am sitting looking nervously out the window every few minutes, wondering if it's going to rain again and I should bring in the washing..

  2. I'm just not hangin outside at the moment. Most of winter it all goes in side, over the vents. But, yes, washing minimisation is the key.
    The sheets are a bummer 'though. Folded sheets over vents just don't dry the same.