my new rotary clothes line

We took possession of our new house on Friday, and yes, it has a rotary clothes line. Not sure if it's a genuine Hills Hoist, but it's in good nick and will do the job nicely. It's probably where the extension will go, but G is confident we can move it. I'm pretty sure it could be moved further into in the sunny north west corner of the yard, to be surrounded by fruit trees and other garden bits.


From our backyard you can see into quite a few other backyards and it's clothesline city. Very nice.

We've starting talking about what to do with the laundry and I'm pleased to report that it will involve a stainless steel sink, set into a marine grade plywood bench. All re-used from what is already there. No more mouldy concrete sink! And I think we'll get a front loader washing machine. Not only more space and water efficient but way less linty clothes. Yay!


  1. Lucky you to have a rotary line. It certainly looks genuine-ish.
    I've always been a bit shy of front-loader machines ever since I watched, helplessly, as my new socks dyed an entire wash an unpleasant shade of blue and I couldn't just pluck them out as I would in a top-loader!

  2. I am loving my new front loader, and not missing lint at all.
    Love the new place, Janet

  3. we just got our new front loader washing machine TODAY!! is it wrong that i am so in love with it!! its going to be fun doing laundry for a long while, tee hee

  4. I think they stamp Hills on the handle if you wanna check.

  5. I love my front loader. I am about to move, and I'm worried that it won't fit into the old, outside laundry. Gah, should have measured! Ah well, we'll work something out.
    I am also SO EXCITED at having a clothesline. I am currently living in an apartment, and things get nicked off of the communal line. So, it's been sheets hanging off of doors, and an over-door hanger over the shower, so you get to look at the laundry while you sit on the toilet. Charming. Luckily I live by myself, but oh my it's a downer. Everything feels cluttered and crowded and temporary.
    I always think that I dislike hanging to washing out. And then I get out there, in the sun... and it's soothing and pleasant. What's that about?