we've been hung out to dry

Gerard left this image on my computer desktop the other day. He likes retro metal music at the moment and there's often something of that ilk in the car stereo when I start driving. Which I immediately change to something more girlie and soothing. Not that women can't like metal, I mean I once painted a kitchen red to the strains of Metallica, which I guess is a soft metal.

I'm hoping that these weren't real babies, even for a moment before being airbrushed in. It's really rather a disturbing image. Those twigs holding the line up look brittle, meaning the line could fall down at any moment  and those pegs would hurt the baby's little toes.


The lyrics explain the cover somewhat...

We are the damned of all the world
With sadness in our hearts
The wounded of the wars
We've been hung out to dry
You didn't want us anyway
And now we're making up our minds
You tell us how to run our lives
We run for youthanasia

Despite the ghastly kind of image, I do like her slippers. The basket is also of exactly the same kind that was used in the bank advertisment I posted before. Funny how the mundane act of hanging laundry is used to express both abandonment and a happy cosy family setup. Maybe I should start categories for good laundry, bad laundry etc. It all depends on your point of view I geuss.

Some trivia here, according Wikepedia, the Megadeth album Youthanasia, was the first CD to contain a sticker directing purchasors to an internet site. Back in 1994.


  1. Spotted a crafty wahing line on flickr;

  2. If it is clean all washing is good, it is just the hanging out which is evil!