organised people

In my mind, I'm not what I'd call an organised person. But I am really, sort of. I fill out forms neatly, answer all the questions, provide the right documentation and meet deadlines. However the neatness is a thin veil for the chaos beneath. I have paperwork all over the place and I'm always searching for it when I need it. Not saying that I lose it, well not as a rule, but I'm not so organised that I get it right, all the time. Mind you, the reason we were back at the bank today had more to do with their lack of organisation than mine.

While we were waiting to see the manager, Gerard pointed to a poster and said, there's a good washing picture. And he's put another on my desktop, perhaps he's trying to tell me something. Anyway, there's a way that I like to hang my washing, but it's not like this. And like my paperwork, my laundry is more about meeting deadlines than about being organised for the sake of it.


But I know what this ad is trying appeal to. You can sort your money into piles like your laundry and it will make you feel better. Which for most people, I'm guessing is really just a veneer of organisation. And it's no skin off the banks nose. Still, I'm glad we seem to have sorted that paperwork out. The washing, even with rain, was a doddle compared.

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  1. I caught sight of that ad while in the bank only this week. It took a while for the OCD aspect to sink in, then I laughed, then I felt sorry for all the people who feel compelled to hang their washing out in that way.
    But its a catchy ad.