Gain? or SOS?

From here, which I think is one of my new favourite reads. Really, I think this fetishism of domestic labour is on a par with this, only much more glamourous.  "Because when you’re doing household labor, it is of the utmost importance that you are hot, in high heels, and headless." Go and see the rest of the pictures, they'll make you laugh, and then you'll want to put your head on the desk and cry because, dress it up however you like, there is still the bloody washing to do. Week in week out. And probably by you. Even if you work.

Marie Claire March 2005

And laundry 'round here isn't sexy or even pretty. I am lucky to have Mr Helpalot, but he isn't exactly a wife, because he is a man. So even when I'm working outside the home and he isn't, I still seem to spend a lot of time putting washing through. Not all of it, but a fair bit of it.And let me not even start on the drying of clothes on clothes racks over winter. I just can't go there yet. But I will, you can be sure of that.


  1. Oh the bloody washing. Mind you I do look a bit like that, except not headless, when I do the washing these days. Load before work, load after work. All done in heels and lipstick. Bleh.

  2. Oh, I just found that website and I love it so much!
    It's interesting, I only have my own washing to do, it takes one load, maybe one and a half, and it's nothing complicated, rarely needs and scrubbing or soaking, or even any drying flat (much). I can go a week without doing it and still not run out of undies. So why do I still feel like it's a huge chore?
    Although that does mean I feel so accomplished and organised when it's done, I suppose, so I won't look too hard at that gift horse's mouth...