three little kittens

There are so many versions of this children's rhyme, often told as a story, that I think I'm going to have to do a series. In this version, a cheapish book once owned by a girl called Jacinta and published in 1991 by Award publications, London, the kittens start hunting for their mittens when a somewhat cross mother cat says that they are naughty for losing their mittens and shall have no pie. The kittens search the attic, ask a playful puppy and a hen as to the whereabouts of their mittens and then remember that they left the mittens hanging on a bush whilst they picked berries for the pie. Of course. Cats wearing clothes and picking berries.

Washing mittens

Hanging the mittens

More trouble follows when they eat their pie wearing said mittens and mother cat is again very cross. The kittens decide to wash their mittens and hang them up to dry, thereby getting back in mother cats good books. Although why she let those naughty kittens eat while wearing mittens in the first place is a mystery to me.

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  1. Love this little story and I wish cats actually looked cute in clothes instead of all awkward and angry! As a child I remember thinking that they sure cried a lot and what kind of mother would withhold pie for ANY reason? Great post!