Oh Pinterest, you have a lot to answer for

I've just discovered a whole cache of laundry photos on Pinterest and Tumblr. Leading to more sources on google images. Down the rabbit warren I went. Some of my discoveries now seem pretty obvious. Like these pinups, because well, ironing in high heels is just so hot. And I imagine any sort of housework being done by a woman is just a natural pinup prop, has been for ages and will be for ages I suspect. No matter that most woman don't find doing housework sexy at all. It's the male view of things here. Nonetheless I love the power point. Even that is sexy. And she is standing there all bossy and pointy in her bra and shorts with the iron hot plate down on her shimmery white frock. That's going to burn for sure.
ELVGREN- Ironing
I don't think the next one is by the same artist as the previous one - Gil Elvgren. The style is similar but the signature looks a bit different. Again we have a scantily clad lass, obviously ironing her frock before she goes out and playfully flicking the iron to test its temperature. She looks a lot happier I think than the first, but still it is all about the male gaze and housework as a prop. 

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