season of the drying rack

When I went out to buy a drying rack, the first winter of living here, G said buy a good strong one and I did. It also rattles and shakes and bangs around as you put it out and apparently after three years some of the screws have come a bit loose. Nonetheless it is a pretty good drying rack. Our house is so tiny that there is really only one place that it can sit. Next to my chair in the lounge room and in prime position for visitors to inspect as they come through the front door. I do also hang a lot of washing of the shower curtain rail in the bathroom now we have central heating and things dry pretty quickly there. So quickly that I think a dryer is really unnecessary.
Washing on the rack takes about a day and half to dry - unless we have the heating on all day. I must admit that I'm pretty lazy and hang it straight to the rack even on days when it might mostly dry on the line. Who can be bothered hanging out washing twice!


  1. You know it's been a long winter when you're fantasising about deluxe drying racks - and by 'you' I mean 'me'. My house has really terrible air flow, and the bathmat is sopping after two days. The washing takes probably three days to dry properly. My whole house smells like damp washing, and the drying rack takes up literally all of the floor space in my living room.

    On the up side, when it is removed the room seems so much bigger! Bring on spring...

  2. We have two big old wooden clothes horses in the hallway and it's almost worth having them for the sheer joy of putting the away in summer and getting a hallway again!